Situational Analysis

Thandiwe Mazibuko (46) from Maswazini Empimbo in Bergville is not employed and her husband earns very little. The family lived in a simple mud hut until Mrs Mazibuko realised the potential of her savings and borrowings to change their living conditions for the better.



Mrs Mazibuko joined a SaveAct-led savings group in August 2014 called Bambanani. At the time of joining she was not sure what she was getting herself into. This changed after she took out her first loan of R1,000 intending to use the money to spoil herself and her children.

“I realised that because I was not working and my husband earns very little too I should put the money to good use,” she says.

She thought about how she had always wanted to have a beautiful big house so she used the money to buy building sand. When she had finished paying back the loan she concentrated on saving more money in her book and the one she had set up for her son. Her next share-outs amounted to R6,260 and R4,600, which she used to buy 20 bags of cement, river sand, 200 bricks and 4 windows. The money also covered transport of the materials. The balance she used to take her family out to eat.

In the year 2016 she combined her two books but joined another group called Thandanani in order to be able to borrow from two groups.


“I make sure that when I borrow the money I add to the things that are needed to finish my home as I still have to plaster the inside and put in windows,” she said. Noting her progress, her husband has offered to contribute to the purchase of roofing materials and together work out how to pay for the labour. However, Mrs Mazibuko is confident that she will be able to pay for the labour on her own after her next share-out.

“I thank Save Act for helping me to be able to better the life of my family because if it was not for it we would still have to live in a mud house for years to come. Thank you for bring development to my community.”

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