Situational Analysis

Twenty-five year old Makara Manana’s mother is the only person with a job in the family which includes Makara, her two siblings, and her young son. They all live in Qwa Qwa in the Eastern Cape. Manana was determined to educate herself in order to find a job.


In 2014 she heard about SaveAct from a friend and joined a savings and credit group immediately hoping to save for her child’s Christmas clothes and to help her mother with household necessities.

In 2015 Ms Manana registered for a year-long end user course at a computer school in Qwa Qwa. She covered subjects such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook. It was difficult for her to practice all the things they were doing in class because she did not have a computer at home. She would have to wait until the end of the class after everyone had left in order to practice. This meant she often returned home late and fetched her child late from school.

After the most recent share out she was able to buy a laptop. She also completed her course and received a certificate. She has now recruited her mother into a savings group and they are both saving money mainly aimed at meeting the educational needs of Makara’s siblings.


Ms Manana has registered for another course in Office Management and continues to do well in computers.

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