Saveact’s new phase of enterprise development has been designed to complement its existing Savings group methodology. Savings groups meet on a monthly basis to undergo a series of training modules that teach the
members how to:
  • Function as an organised SCG;
  • Manage their money within their home;
  • Save and administer credit within the group.

This is achieved through its comprehensive curriculum of Group Formation Training and Financial Education conducted by FOs and CBPs. These training modules are covered during the course of one cycle of SCG meetings and are conducted in combination with practising savings and credit activities. Similarly EFGs undergo a similar curriculum of training designed to prepare members for business. This is achieved through a newly developed set of Core Modules that have used and adapted the existing Group formation training developed for SCGs and a newly developed curriculum called Business Education which is aimed at teaching members how to manage their money in a business enterprise. These modules and their associated enterprise activities are facilitated by Enterprise Development Officers (EDOs) and possibly in future by community based EDOs or Enterprise Development Promotors (EDPs).

In summary the new ED methodology will teach EFG members how to:

  • Function as an organised EFG;
  • Manage their money within their business;
  • Conduct enterprise programme activities.
Both curricula are very similar to one another with Business Education acting more as a recap of the lessons learnt during Financial Education but with the emphasis being on managing a business enterprise rather than a home.