Positive feedback on Life Skills Training

Since it was introduced to 41 groups in the Eastern Cape in March 2010, formal and informal feedback on Life Skills Training modules 1 and 2 has been positive.

According to LST trainer Samella Mdlangathi, group members report a greater sense of confidence around financial matters and wider discussion about financial planning with family members, including their husbands. There is less reported reliance on loan sharks or mashonisas and, as a result, less stress around debt repayments. Samella’s approach to the training is to give as much scope as possible to the daily problems and challenges facing members and build these into the sessions.


SaveAct life skills trainer Samella Mdlangathi takes an SCG through LST modules 1 and 2

SaveAct is currently piloting a new Monitoring and Evaluation framework in the Eastern Cape area, which aims to measure more precisely the impact of the work of the organization at a number of levels. A range of tools has been developed for the framework, which track changes in participants’ living conditions, monitor any change in uses to which loans and share-outs are put, and solicit participants’ views on whether loans and share-outs are meeting needs and contributing towards reducing poverty.

Although the latter tool has not yet been tested, early indications from the first two are that individual SCG members are showing signs of adapting their saving and spending behavior, with positive spin-offs for their personal and household finances.


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