A different view

Members of SaveAct SCGs are using PhotoVoice to tell their own stories about changes in their lives as a consequence of their participation in savings groups. Watch some of them on YouTube here.

With assistance from the Center for Regional Change at the University of California, Davis, PhotoVoice is being tested as a tool for planning and measuring impact of SaveAct’s work.

SaveAct staff members have received Photovoice training and a process involving the collection of narratives was implemented in the AmaZizi area in Bergville between January and March 2010 and involved participants in the FAIR and LEAP projects.

Some interesting and inspiring personal testimonies have emerged which are being processed for wider distribution and analysis. Some of them are available for watching here.

PhotoVoice is designed as an empowerment tool which gives a voice to marginalized communities. In practice, it entails the handing over of hand-held cameras to participants so they can document what they believe are significant aspects of their own lives.

The University of California Davis team, led by David Miller, is interested in showing how PhotoVoice can be an effective participatory assessment tool for measuring impact because it allow participants directly to identify, agree upon and document the scale of a problem, the resources available to address it, and to imagine a solution. They argue that PhotoVoice is an effective way to set bench marks, measure progress along a change continuum and facilitate agreement regarding programmatic goals.

Read more about the PhotoVoice project in a recent paper presented at the ISDA 2010 meeting in Montpelier, France.


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