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Savings and Credit groups tend to be populated by women. However, men are not excluded from SCGs and in the Table Mountain area, one group – known as Vezokuhle -- is made up entirely of men and some boys. A positive mentoring relationship has developed within the group between its older and younger members.

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Stories from partners, Eastern Cape

Two Eastern Cape community-based organisations -- Masangane HIV & Aids Programme and Mount Fletcher Advice Centre -- are working together with SaveAct to bring financial services and development to communities in remote areas.


Financial literacy as a tool for empowerment

In a typical rural household, state support in the form of pension, disability and child-support grants, are often the only source of income. As a result, families are economically vulnerable. Financial literacy in this context is critical.

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A different view


With assistance from the Center for Regional Change at the University of California, Davis, PhotoVoice is being tested as a tool for planning and measuring impact of SaveAct’s work.

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Bulk benefits

Over the past two years two NGOs (Farmer Support Group and SaveAct) working in partnership organised mostly women farmers in the Amazizi area of South Africa into Farmer Learner Groups and Savings and Credit Groups, to improve coping strategies, and enable people to expand livelihoods and innovate, writes SaveAct director Anton Krone.

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SaveAct is part of a community of practice in community economic development (CED) with members across Southern and East Africa, and resource persons in the United States at, amongst others, the University of California, Davis.

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