Saving brings hope to Eshowe

by Sharon
29 July 2016
29 July 2016

Members of four SaveAct-led groups gathered on Friday in Eshowe to celebrate their graduation after 18 months and to share stories about how their membership has changed their lives.

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Many of the members who spoke at the cluster meeting admitted to being sceptical about SaveAct when it was first introduced to them, largely owing to the negative experience most of them have had with stokvels. However, owing to the transparency of the savings and credit model, members were soon won over.

This is the testimony of one member from the Angels savings group:

“I lost both of my parents. We are three siblings and we had no home. And I am not working. But now through savings I bought cement and with my sister I started building. Now I have a loan from my group to pay labour to build further.”

Another member said:

“Financial education from SaveAct changed my life. Even my faith in God! SaveAct taught me there is no time to complain. People ask me why I am always happy. I say I see my future. We had death everywhere but now I found SaveAct and I am happy! I am helping children by helping to secure foster grants. My spirit is alive because of SaveAct. It is because of [SaveAct Field Officer] Nosipho [Shezi] that I have been able to do this. I have many groups now for Nosipho and she has lots of work to do!”

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