People with disabilities supported through saving

by Shelagh McLoughlin
30 July 2019
30 July 2019

The savings programme continues to show its versatility in enabling people in different circumstances to improve their lives.

One of our partners, Jabulani Rural Health Foundation in the Eastern Cape, works with Zithulele Hospital and runs a programme that supports people with disabilities called Rural Ability.

The programme currently runs 10 savings groups (SGs) with a total of 208 members, of whom 68 are adults with disabilities representing themselves, 34 are members representing an adult with a disability and 43 are caregivers of children with disabilities.

In a recent report Jabulani writes that SGs are “showing really great results for improving the livelihoods of people with disabilities”.

“The groups have gained so much popularity that the Rural Ability programme has to be really conscious about not giving in to the demand and overcommitting the facilitators’ time.”

SG membership benefits both caregivers of children with disabilities and adults with disabilities in creating quality livelihoods to support themselves and contribute to their families and communities.

SG members are taught how to budget and each member has to set a goal for their savings plan. These goals include building homes, sending a child to school and starting a small business.

According to the report, “One of our SG members, Siyabulela, has gained so much from being part of his savings group. He has built himself a flat and is currently building a new rondavel on his property. He has also developed a budget that he uses to make sure he can cover all his expenses and not run into debt.”

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