Young mum with a plan strides forward

by Bongekile Cecilia Mchunu
11 August 2021
11 August 2021

The death of Nompilo Mazibuko’s grandmother in late 2019 was a severe blow. Her gran had supported Mazibuko (27) financially and emotionally and life has been hard for the past three years.

Little did she know at the time, however, that things were going to change for the better. Mazibuko, who has two children and lives with her aunt and two siblings in Loskop, KZN, heard about SaveAct and in January 2020 she joined a training session for a new savings group starting in her area.

The group started saving and in the financial education shared with new members Mazibuko drew up a budget to determine how she could save while supporting her children. At around the same time she also started working at a sports resort in the Drakensberg, and with the grants she received for her two children she was able to buy five shares a month, each worth R100.

At the first share-out the value of her 60 shares had grown and she received R7540 which she used for family expenses. This year she has taken advantage of the loan facility in her group and borrowed to fund a one-month cashier course and a security qualification.

Mazibuko says lockdown hit hard because she only worked two days a week at the resort, but she managed to survive because she is eager to stand on her own two feet.

She started selling Avon products to supplement her income and says when she sells R1000 worth of products she received a commission of 25%, which helps her to achieve her monthly saving goal.

Another positive development is that she is doing a six-month chef training course at the resort which will, if she successfully completes the course, provide more opportunities.

“I would like to thank SaveAct and the team for being patient and helping me to improve my life,” said Mazibuko. Thanks for your guidance and support. I am eternally grateful for everything SaveAct has taught me, you are the best organization ever!”

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