Digital Systems Thinker and Process-flow Mapper

8 Aug 2022
8 Aug 2022

We are looking for an innovative person who can fill the role of Digital Systems Thinker and Process-flow Mapper in the following programme:

Women and Youth in Sustainable Enterprise (WAYSE)

SaveAct and partners are developing relevant support measures for 5 000 savings groups, comprising 100 000 members in six provinces in South Africa. More than 90% are women living in rural, underdeveloped regions. Support measures are designed to be accessible to a diverse range of vulnerable groups, including youth, the elderly and disabled. They are intended to be adaptive and scalable, and should lend themselves to being reinforced by remote digital communication with members.

Over time, SaveAct has increased and diversified the support it provides to savings groups across the provinces that it works in. A key area of interest for savings group members is the pursuit of sustainable livelihoods and enterprises. Based on this and the enabling role of savings groups, enterprise development has been a key aspect of SaveAct’s work. The current approach of enterprise development support to members incorporates different activities developed over the years, often in response to the requirements of a diverse set of members and regional contexts. Agricultural training material was developed. General record keeping and enterprise planning tools followed. SaveAct seeks support in its implementation.

SaveAct also seeks to build a sense of a shared identity and mutual support amongst savings group members. Access to relevant information forms a part of this. SaveAct is building a communications strategy for which it needs assistance in its implementation.

SaveAct seeks assistance with the following :

Mapping SaveAct’s work and information flows, with consideration of streamlining systems and strengthening communications for WAYSE


A Systems Thinking approach to conducting a diagnostic and process mapping of SaveAct operations, taking into account the various components of its programme(s), their typical sequencing, and the ways in which they connect with each other and the participants in each of them. Will require knowledge of information management systems, digital tools/apps for field operations, effective digital communications and digital payment systems.

Requirements and Deliverables

SaveAct seeks an experienced consultant in the role of Innovative Digital Systems Thinker and Process-flow Mapper who can:

Phase 1: Diagnostic and mapping of current situation

  • Produce a visual profile (process maps) of SaveAct work and its respective components
  • Provide an accompanying map of how each programme component (e.g., savings, financial education, etc.) is managed and how data is assembled and monitored
  • Process mapping to provide a specific analysis of the transactional flows for savings (and loans within groups) for both the manual/cash transactions as well as ongoing pilots of digital (smartphone App based) transactions
  • Consider in particular the end-user circumstances and needs in relation to their engagements with the respective components
  • Map how each end-user currently engages with the programme components, and if and how they sustain their longer-term links to it. The end user views include individual members, savings groups, FOs and SaveAct and/or partners from an overall MEL and programme-management perspective.

Phase 2: Review and process re-engineering as required

  • Consider the efficiencies and effectiveness of the present processes and arrangements and rank these
  • Consider and make recommendations specifically on the financial transactional flows and opportunities for digitisation, including improvements/synergies for existing digital solutions being piloted
  • Consider and make recommendations on what alternatives there are for improving efficiencies
  • Consider the information flows within components and how effective these are
  • Consider the associated end-user/participant information flows and how these could be strengthened to create a supportive and enabling service to participants across the range of components.

Make overall and specific recommendations of how to leverage systems, digital tools, digital payments, and communications along with alternative/additional tools if relevant for the respective components. These are to be considered in relation to SaveAct as the involved implementing organisation and its partners, as well as to savings groups and their members, and how they might experience enhanced benefits through accessible and seamless information flows.

The Consultant will engage with the staff involved in various components and achieve an in depth understanding of how these are implemented. The expected deliverables are:

  1. The diagnostic and process mapping report that maps the existing operations, flagging areas of high friction and opportunities for streamlining. The options put forward need to take into account the digital literacy levels of the organisation and its software platforms. The identification of the participants and their needs and digital literacy levels are to be similarly delineated, with recommendations being made for how SaveAct and partners can better service their needs and aspirations.

Following the completion of the report, the consultant will present the findings and recommendations in a technical workshop with SaveAct, during which the options and recommendations will be discussed and agreed.

  1. Final process map report of the ideal systems, based on the outputs of the technical workshop, which will be the basis of SaveAct’s future enhancements or roadmap to its digital tools and communication systems.

Expenses and timeframes

Proposers are required to submit an activity plan and budget. Costs of personnel are to be detailed according to daily rates per phase of work and levels of seniority.

The work will commence in September 2022 and will be conducted over a 6-month period. Deliverables will be presented at an interim and final workshop with SaveAct and partners.


Qualified consultants (which could be a firm, individual or team/pair of individual consultants) who are interested, should submit a 3-4 page proposal, outlining:

  • Your experience and why you or your organisation would be a good candidate for this work
  • A proposed plan for how you would do the work
  • An estimated work plan, with the period and days per step
  • An associated budget indicating VAT where applicable
  • CVs of the team indicating relevant experience in similar scopes of work. Demonstrated knowledge of the SaveAct savings methodology (or similar) will be an advantage
  • Evidence of statutory compliance, including VAT.

The successful consultant will be provided during the inception phase with all relevant back-ground and operational procedures and manuals to enable them to update their proposed approach and work-plan.

Kindly submit these documents by email to by 5 September 2022. Mark in the subject: ‘Work flow’.

Please note that SaveAct reserves the right not to make an appointment.

We are grateful for all contributions
to our work, regardless of their size.


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