Enterprise development mentor

8 Aug 2022
8 Aug 2022

We are looking for experienced people who can fill the role of Enterprise Development Mentor in the following programme:

Women and Youth in Sustainable Enterprise (WAYSE)

SaveAct and partners are developing relevant support measures for 5 000 savings groups, comprising 100 000 members in six provinces in South Africa. More than 90% are women living in rural, underdeveloped regions. Support measures are designed to be accessible to a diverse range of vulnerable groups, including youth, the elderly and disabled. They are intended to be adaptive and scalable, and should lend themselves to being reinforced by remote digital communication with members.

Over time, SaveAct has increased and diversified the support it provides to savings groups across the provinces that it works in. A key area of interest for savings group members is the pursuit of sustainable livelihoods and enterprises. Based on this and the enabling role of savings groups, enterprise development has been a key aspect of SaveAct’s work. The current approach of enterprise development support to members incorporates different activities developed over the years, often in response to the requirements of a diverse set of members and regional contexts. Agricultural training material was developed. General record keeping and enterprise planning tools followed. SaveAct seeks support in its implementation.

SaveAct also seeks to build a sense of a shared identity and mutual support amongst savings group members. Access to relevant information forms a part of this. SaveAct is building a communications strategy for which it needs assistance in its implementation.

SaveAct seeks assistance with the following work:

Enterprise development mentoring

We are looking for experienced enterprise promoters to assist its team in providing an effective service to savings group members. The primary base from which such work will be conducted is out of KZN and into the Eastern Cape and other provinces. It will involve support to regional teams in different part of KZN and other provinces. These teams are working across enterprise and farming support and require support to ensure the quality of their work, in advising, training and mentoring savings group members in selecting, planning and managing their enterprises.

A call is made for enterprise mentors with the following:

  • Eight or more years of enterprise development experience in the field
  • Experience across rural and urban areas
  • Experience in facilitation, training and mentoring
  • Experience in monitoring and evaluating changes amongst entrepreneurs
  • Availability to allocate two days or more per week to the work on average for a period of up to 11 months
  • Ability to multi-task and provide a structured and methodical service
  • Able to travel to a range of sites and offer mentorship tailored to that region in terms of local opportunities and constraints, and their regional plans
  • Your own transport
  • Language proficiency across South African languages

If you qualify, please submit by 5 September your CV and a covering letter with a brief motivation of why you believe you are well suited to this work, to info@saveact.org.za. Mark in the subject ‘Mentorship’.

Please indicate the time you have available (not less than two days per week on average), your daily rate excluding VAT, and whether you are VAT registered, your expectations on a travel rate per kilometre, regions/provinces you are able to operate in and any other stipulations.

We are grateful for all contributions
to our work, regardless of their size.


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