SaveAct’s work is fundamentally grounded in a range of partnerships which have enriched and extended its work from the outset.

Partnerships allow for complementary actions and more comprehensive responses to the livelihood challenges facing the poor.

Synergy is particularly high in the field of HIV/Aids, where HIV/Aids-support NGOs have consciously extended their support to SCGs. This is well illustrated by the following comment by an advisor to a partner working with people living with HIV/Aids in the Eastern Cape:

“Marriage” with SaveAct

“This is a most beneficial union. HIV positive support group members meet monthly to support each other as ARV (anti-retroviral) users and people living with the virus BUT they are mostly looking forward to their common goal and joy of saving money. SaveAct brings a Spirit of hope and future to our HIV support groups. What can be more healing? The scheme is ingenious. Eyes light up when support group members speak about SaveAct. And vice versa, a number of members of SaveAct groups (that are not HIV support groups) have come forward to get tested, some are now on ARVs. Masangane is committed to providing HIV wellness education at every SaveAct meeting. The greatest bonus point of combining HIV-AIDS education with SaveAct is the de-stigmatising aspect when people meet.”

— Renate Cochrane, June 2009.

Enterprise Development, Implementing Partners:

SaveAct has chosen a range of key service providers and industry leaders that have been specifically contracted to assist with the specialised training of the SaveAct Enterprise Development team as well as its Enterprise Focus Groups and associated Lead Farmers/Enterprise Leaders.

Partnerships include:

  1. Grain SA
  2. Potatoes SA
  3. KwaZulu-Natal Poultry Institute (KZNPI)
  4. Institute for Natural Resources (INR)
  5. Siyavuna

Savings Groups, Implementing Partners:

  1. Ubunye Foundation, Grahamstown, EC
  2. Tholulwazi Uvisikela, Manguzi, KZN
  3. Justice And Women, Melmoth, KZN
  4. Siyakhula Sonke, Hillcrest, KZN
  5. Assumption Development Centre (ADC), Grahamstown, EC
  6. Rhodes Community Engagement (RUCE), Grahamstown, EC
  7. OASIS, Grahamstown, EC
  8. Raphael Centre, Grahamstown, EC
  9. St Marys DCC, Grahamstown, EC
  10. Thembalitsha, Grahamstown, EC
  11. CREATE, Pietermaritzburg
  12. Jabulani Rural Health Foundation, Mqanduli, EC
  13. Mpendulo Savings, Jeffrey’s Bay, EC

Savings Groups, Enabling Partners

  1. Siyavuna, Margate, KZN
  2. Valley Trust, Valley of 1000 Hills, KZN                                                            
  3. Conservation SA, Springbok and Matatiele
  4. SHINE, Eshowe, KZN
  5. Family Literacy Project, Underberg, KZN


SaveAct is a member of The SEEP Network

Our Funders

As at July 2016, SaveAct receives welcome support from the following funders