Livelihoods & enterprise development

Building on the success of savings groups, SaveAct has created a livelihoods and enterprise development (LED) programme to service SG members’ needs. The objectives of the programme are to improve livelihood and wealth creation opportunities in a sustainable manner while empowering people to take ownership of their enterprises and generally to exercise more control over their lives.

The programme promotes the use of local resources and assets to produce products for home consumption and sale at local and regional markets. SaveAct offers training in six agricultural commodities, in accordance with the most popular crops and livestock in rural KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape.

The outcome of this aspect of our work is a growing number of self-motivated, business-minded people with entrepreneurial aspirations. To intensify value chain connections, SGs benefit from a bulk buying system that allows members to purchase high-quality, appropriate inputs at lower prices, using economies of scale.

This service is offered by a social business known as Zis’Ukhanyo (‘bringing light’) that provides access to farming inputs as well as household and health products. Over 80% of participants in this aspect of the programme are women.

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